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Quality You Can Trust

The quality of our craftsmanship and materials are unparalleled and we take great care to see to it that it stays that way on each and every project, and we average well over 30 years of experience. We’ve seen it all and have the know-how and experience to tackle any job.

Of course, building the highest quality garages includes the use of superior quality materials. Your garage will stand the test of time and the elements largely because of the quality components outlined below.

Highest Quality Standards


1. Concrete Construction
      4″ Concrete Floor
2. Concrete Construction
      Steel Reinforced Concrete
3. Concrete Construction
      Crushed stone base
4. Concrete Construction
      Raised water ledge on all
      4 sides
5. Concrete Construction
      Anchor bolts to secure
      garage to floor
6. Concrete Construction
      8″ Concrete perimeter
7. Concrete Construction
      3 foot X full with concrete
8. Concrete Construction
      Conduit stub for electric
9. Concrete Construction
      Pitched floor and apron
      for water drainage
10. Concrete Construction
          All concrete 6 bag mix
11. Concrete Construction
          Scored concrete
12. Wall Construction
          Wolmanized bottom plates
          for added protection
13. Wall Construction
          Wall studs 16″ on center
14. Wall Construction
          Notched corner bracing
15. Wall Construction
          Lumber all kiln dried #2
          or better
16. Wall Construction
          Double 2 x 4 top plates
17. Wall Construction
          3 foot steel panel service door
          with lock and deadbolt
18. Wall Construction
          Double 2 x 12 laminated
          header 1/2″ flitch plate
19. Wall Construction
          7 foot high doors for vans
20. Wall Construction
          Steel rollers & hinges
21. Wall Construction
          Weather stripping around
22. Wall Construction
          Torsion spring
23. Wall Construction
          Choice of slider or jalousie
          picture window
24. Wall Construction
          Thick vinyl siding – Choice
          of color
25. Wall Construction
          Double wall construction
26. Wall Construction
          Aluminum threshold
27. Wall Construction
          Interlocking corners
28. Wall Construction
          Finished corners
29. Wall Construction
          Double 2 x 6 header over all
          service door & window
30. Wall Construction
          Triple 2 x 4 at all corners
31. Wall Construction
          Siding butted to all casings
          and caulked
32. Wall Construction
          Finished or unfinished door
          jams – Your Choice
33. Roof Construction
          Seal tab shingles – Choice
          of Colors 25 yr.
34. Roof Construction
          Exterior grade sheathing
35. Roof Construction
          Finished or unfinished boxed
          eaves – Your Choice
36. Roof Construction
          4″ to 12″ boxed eaves – Your
37. Roof Construction
          2 x 6 ties with trusses
38. Roof Construction
          1-2 x 6 tie horizontally – for
          further support
39. Roof Construction
          2 roof vents with screens
40. Roof Construction
          2 x 8 hips and ridge
41. Roof Construction
          2 x 6 common and jack rafters
42. Roof Construction
          Bird mouth cut rafters
43. Roof Construction
          15# felt under shingles

Garage Roof Styles

Your new garage is important to us and our experience can help you decide the best options for you from a simple to highly customized look. Garages are highly influenced by roof style. The most common roof styles are Gable, Reverse Gable and Hip. For details of these roof styles and examples of our work, check out our images below. These are just a very few samples of differing styles. There are many more possibilities, so be sure to let us know all your needs and wishes.

Barn Style



Reverse Gable


Garage Layouts & Sizes

We have a variety of garage styles to meet your needs. Below are samples of some sizes we offer. If you do not see the size you are looking for, please let us know. Better Built Garages specializes in custom garage designs and sizes to meet your specific needs.